Mon 9:18 am
Apr 22, 2024
Neil Rice
Neil Rice


A total of 14 students took part in a grading event held at Stefan Pretorius’ Ability Academy on Friday November 11.
This was how the various students performed:
Henroux Roux progressed from Yellow-Black belt to Orange-White belt. This was the highest belt of the day. (Henroux moves to the senior class next year following seven years at the academy which started when he was in Grade 1. Coach Stefan looks forward to him embracing his next challenge!)
William Roos moved from Yellow belt to Yellow-White belt.
Andrich Pretorius, Elias Roos, Liam Hall, Hendr癡 De Wet, Conrad van Rooyan, Armand van Rooyan and Ihsan Davids all made the step up from Grey belt to Grey-Black belt
Luan Burger, Hunter Dyksterhuis, Jaden McClintock, Sven Oestlund and Noah Janse van Rensburg all took part in their first grading day. They progressed from White belt to Grey-White belt.
Stefan adds that the passion and desire amongst this group for Jiu-jitsu is very noticeable. Some are still new to the classes while others have been around for quite a while, however the spirit amongst all is fantastic.
“I could not be more proud,” says coach Stefan.
The final competition of the year for some of the Ability Academy students takes place on December 2 and 3 in Johannesburg. Heidelberg Times will report on the results following the tournament.
Anyone wishing to join the Ability Academy in 2024 should contact Stefan on 084 815 0410.