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Apr 22, 2024
Neil Rice
Neil Rice


Heidelberg Hope launched to keep our town and neighbourhoods safer, cleaner and more attractive.
Over 240 concerned business people from in and around Heidelberg attended the launch of Heidelberg Hope, a non-profit company initiated by local businesses, community forums and ratepayers, with the sole aim of filling the gaps where local government is falling short.
Heidelberg Hope has six specific focus areas, namely cleanliness, safety, working infrastructure, caring, compassion and attraction to tourists. Key stakeholders that have shown their commitment to the project include:
• Heidelberg SAPS
• Lesedi Local Municipality
• Lesedi Community Centre
• Schools
• Churches
• Businesses
• Ratanda Local Safety Forum
Cleanliness:- An initiative by concerned residents of the town to keep public areas clean has been in existence for some time. A number of residents come together on a weekly basis to clean up certain areas of the town. It is a proven concept that a clean environment keeps criminal elements away while also attracting new investment.
Safety – CCTV camera project:- Recent research indicated that the town needed to install intelligent warning systems to combat crimes involving the theft and hijacking of vehicles. This involves community patrollers, security companies and the South African Police Services acting proactively to prevent/deter criminal activity.
With this in mind, it was decided to implement the SNIPR number plate recognition system at strategic spots around Heidelberg. While some cameras have already been installed, there is a plan in place to have cameras at all exit/entrance points to our town as well as some other “hotspots”.
There have already been a number of successes using the SNIPR system, with criminals being apprehended and vehicles recovered. Most of our neighbouring towns also use this system, hence improving collaboration between structures in the region.
Working infrastructure:- Heidelberg Hope, in partnership with local businesses and community forums, has initiated various projects to improve the standard of living by maintaining essential infrastructure. The focus is on repairs to road surfaces (pothole project), painting of road markings, replacement of critical road signs, repair of sidewalks damaged by contractors installing services such as optic fibre, repairs and maintenance of parks, maintenance of the cemetery, maintenance of public sports facilities and the provision of emergency water supply during frequent outages that occur in Heidelberg.
Caring: – Heidelberg is blessed with several charitable organizations that do a tremendous amount of work to care for vulnerable members of the community. Heidelberg Hope is involved on a number of levels in caring for the elderly, weak, sick and homeless.
Compassion: – Heidelberg Hope intends to involve schools and churches to build on a loving community where no barriers are too high or wide to overcome. Language, race, culture and status are just words and do not determine who and where we lend assistance.
Tourist town:- Heidelberg has a rich heritage which we would like to share with visitors and tourists alike. Heidelberg Hope would like to improve the image of the town and make it the “Gauteng Gateway”. The ideal location at the foot of the picturesque Suikerbosrand hills entices an ever-growing group of hikers, cyclists, runners and outdoor enthusiasts. This, coupled with rich Victorian architecture and numerous places of historic relevance make our town an ideal breakaway for “city slickers”.
Heidelberg Hope represents all those who would like to see our town rise once again to its former glory. With the help and funding by local businesses and concerned residents, we believe that this can be made possible. The request is for businesses to pledge R2000 per month towards the various projects, while individuals and smaller businesses are encouraged to contribute whatever they can afford. H&H Matthews Accounting will be making sure that all contributions are accounted for.
Should you be in a position to contribute, please use the following bank details and insert your name/company name as a reference:
• Heidelberg Hope NPC
• First National Bank
• Account number 630 777 43201
Any enquiries can be directed to the following individuals:
▪️ Dr Willem Sprong     ▪️ Henry Matthews
Coordinator                          Finance
☎️083 611 9589                   ☎️082 491 4040
📨drsprong@me.com        📨henry@hhaccounting.co.za
▪️ Thinus de Vries
☎️082 552 4670
In the words of a certain president of the United States – “let’s make Heidelberg great again”.