Mon 8:43 am
Apr 22, 2024
Neil Rice
Neil Rice


Crime Stop Heidelberg, in conjunction with the Heidelberg SAPS, apprehended five suspects in the Glenroy area during the early hours of February 28, after they were found to be stealing a large amount of maize.🌽
Reaction officers from Crime Stop arrested one suspect when arriving on the scene at around 03:50, while another four decided to make a run for freedom. However this was short-lived and members of SAPS Heidelberg eventually rounded up the quartet of offenders (three men and one woman).
The swift reaction of the security company led to the recovery of four tons of maize while three vehicles, including a Hyundai H100 and a Toyota Hilux, were impounded.
Congratulations to both Crime Stop and our local SAPS for this joint success. We applaud you!!