Wed 1:06 pm
Jul 17, 2024
Neil Rice
Neil Rice


More and more people are becoming involved in fixing problems in their immediate communities.
This was evident over the past few days when a number of projects were taken on in partnership with Heidelberg Hope. While there is a great deal of work still to take place, the wheels are in motion – the more volunteers who become involved, the quicker we can make our town a place to be proud of!
Here are some of the projects that volunteers actioned this week:
完 Ratanda Hope is now up and running in partnership with Heidelberg Hope. The first cleaning project took place on April 25 and much more is planned. Contact Cyfo on 072 943 2687 for more information – fantastic news!
完 Jonssons Workwear in Heidelberg, through manager Mr Dirk Kotze-Hibbers, have generously donated proper gloves for clean-up teams, donated personal protective clothing for the pothole repair team and are supplying protective clothing for the street art project – awesome Dirk!
完 Frik van Niekerk and Willem Pretorius of the SAWV Eenheid Suikerbos offered up their time to regulate traffic whilst potholes were being repaired – salute!
完 Volunteers repainted faded road markings in HF Verwoerd Street, just before the intersection with Louw Street. Looking so much better in front of the municipal buildings!
完 Skoon Heidelberg continued to impress all and sundry with their enthusiasm in cleaning up in and around Unie Street – your efforts are seen and much appreciated!
Anyone wishing to become involved in any Heidelberg Hope project is welcome to contact them through wither of the following channels:
儭 066 492 1337