Wed 11:37 am
Jul 17, 2024
Neil Rice
Neil Rice


Information was received during the evening of 28 April 2024, about a gang, which had allegedly been committing “blue light robberies” along the N3 between Villiers and Heidelberg using a white Toyota Hilux.
A multi-disciplinary team was mobilised and traced the suspects to a location on the N3 highway near Grootvlei in Mpumalanga.
The vehicle was spotted with blue lights on and when the suspects noticed the police they sped away. This resulted in a high-speed chase towards Zonkizizwe, Ekurhuleni.
The suspects started shooting at the team and the team retaliated. Three suspects were fatally shot and one suspect managed to flee the scene on foot.
The police seized two unlicensed firearms and ammunition, blue lights as well as the suspects’ vehicle.
The multidisciplinary team included, SAPS National Head Office Counter Intelligence, Secunda Crime Intelligence, Gauteng Tactical Response Team, Gauteng Anti-Gang Unit, DPC Tracking Team, Johannesburg K9, CAP Specialised Operations, Tracker Connect, ICB Insurance Crime Bureau, MZ Werke Security and Telesure Insurance Investigation.
Crime Scene Management team combed the crime scene for more evidence while the vehicle was taken to Vehicle Crime Investigation Unit for further analysis.
Well done to all involved in taking down these criminals. Let’s hope it sends a strong message to any others who plan to terrorize innocent motorists using the N3.